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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back in the country

I'm really good. Yup already got the package! Got here in ten days!!

Transfers: I am back in Erdenet (which I am very grateful for), I'm training a brand new missionary, and I'm District Leader. So far it's been awesome.

The work here is disheartening. When I left I had got each branch from 30 church attendance to 50ish. After I left it went lower than where it was before. We only had 25 members at church this sunday in the Erdenet 2nd Branch, and 36 in the 1st Branch, and neither branch president showed up. It broke my heart. We got to work though. We got branch lists for both branches and had many members check and update it. We will use the new information (its so outdated its not even funny) to meet with members and get a lot more less-actives to church again. I want to get the ward attendance above 100, and I fully believe thats an achievable goal before I finish my mission.

I also have a new scripture that is fueling everything I do. I've been given another chance, and I know it. I will make the most of it. Ive got a chance to make a lasting and big difference on this branch. Maybe enough to make it a ward. The scripture that has really helped me is:

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me".

I have been learning about Fear and Faith from the scriptures, and Im have no doubts as to whether or not I can do something anymore. Ive had a thought thats been going through my mind lately, I dont know if ive heard it before or just made it up myself but its been really helping me. "Through submitting our will to Him, we in turn are made free". I am truly renewed in Spirit and Mind and im not worried about sicknesses or bumps in the road at all. Im ready to work.

My companion has also been a really good experience for me. I told myself if I ever got a brand new missionary I would be the perfect example to him in obedience and Christ-like attributes. Because thats happened ive kept my promise. I havn't given myself a moment of rest, I've been using all my time effectively and leading my example. This is the chance I needed, and im not going to let the Lord, my companion, or you down.

I'm excited for the many opportunities that lie ahead.

-elder clement

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