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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Horse Meat Burgers

I'm cold but doing great! No more snow, but its still cold. Wearing a jacket everyday almost. Actually the last two days have been awesome!!! Super warm and great! Every night it gets cold though. I havn't had to use it yet but I pulled out my big winter jacket yesterday. I'm super jealous of your beautiful Utah weather!! Feel free to send some my way! 

(In response to a comment I made about having a picnic in the mountains today after church)

That's it! That is the exact meal I want when I get home. That right there! That is what I miss more than anything!! I mean don't get me wrong, I definitely want Tori's "cut-diagonally, mayonnaise-on-one-side-and-mustard-on-the-other" turkey sandwich, but what you just said sounds amazing!

This week not too much happened, but no I think the sisters from my group leave in a little less than a week. And the new group will come. This week is also transfers, so wish me luck with my new comp and area! I found an awesome scripture though. For the last month or so ive been focusing my studies on Fear and Faith. I was reading in the Bible and found this: "whosoever belongeth to my church need not fear" DC10:55. It really made me realize that we have no need to fear. Fear is of the devil and has no place in us if we are righteous. It was a cool realization for me.

I'm feeling really good. I've gained 10 lbs. Im up to 145ish now!

Both of my companions are doing really well. My sign language comp is working hard and learning lots and my American companion is not too trunky. All is well. haha.

No, my old Mongolian companion isnt in my Zone. My sign language is coming along really well. Im a visual learner so im picking this language up a lot faster. I feel pretty confident speaking it.

Haha yeah its weird how close I am. When my american companion goes home, it will almost be the three month mark for me. Crazy!

Thank you momma. I re-read the scripture you wrote on that pillowcase yesterday. Its kinda like what you just said. I'm glad I am living up to what I should be doing. I'm thankful for the examples and teachings you and Dad were able to get into my thick skull. love you too.

-elder clement,

Horse Meat Burgers

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