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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back in the country

I'm really good. Yup already got the package! Got here in ten days!!

Transfers: I am back in Erdenet (which I am very grateful for), I'm training a brand new missionary, and I'm District Leader. So far it's been awesome.

The work here is disheartening. When I left I had got each branch from 30 church attendance to 50ish. After I left it went lower than where it was before. We only had 25 members at church this sunday in the Erdenet 2nd Branch, and 36 in the 1st Branch, and neither branch president showed up. It broke my heart. We got to work though. We got branch lists for both branches and had many members check and update it. We will use the new information (its so outdated its not even funny) to meet with members and get a lot more less-actives to church again. I want to get the ward attendance above 100, and I fully believe thats an achievable goal before I finish my mission.

I also have a new scripture that is fueling everything I do. I've been given another chance, and I know it. I will make the most of it. Ive got a chance to make a lasting and big difference on this branch. Maybe enough to make it a ward. The scripture that has really helped me is:

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me".

I have been learning about Fear and Faith from the scriptures, and Im have no doubts as to whether or not I can do something anymore. Ive had a thought thats been going through my mind lately, I dont know if ive heard it before or just made it up myself but its been really helping me. "Through submitting our will to Him, we in turn are made free". I am truly renewed in Spirit and Mind and im not worried about sicknesses or bumps in the road at all. Im ready to work.

My companion has also been a really good experience for me. I told myself if I ever got a brand new missionary I would be the perfect example to him in obedience and Christ-like attributes. Because thats happened ive kept my promise. I havn't given myself a moment of rest, I've been using all my time effectively and leading my example. This is the chance I needed, and im not going to let the Lord, my companion, or you down.

I'm excited for the many opportunities that lie ahead.

-elder clement

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Horse Meat Burgers

I'm cold but doing great! No more snow, but its still cold. Wearing a jacket everyday almost. Actually the last two days have been awesome!!! Super warm and great! Every night it gets cold though. I havn't had to use it yet but I pulled out my big winter jacket yesterday. I'm super jealous of your beautiful Utah weather!! Feel free to send some my way! 

(In response to a comment I made about having a picnic in the mountains today after church)

That's it! That is the exact meal I want when I get home. That right there! That is what I miss more than anything!! I mean don't get me wrong, I definitely want Tori's "cut-diagonally, mayonnaise-on-one-side-and-mustard-on-the-other" turkey sandwich, but what you just said sounds amazing!

This week not too much happened, but no I think the sisters from my group leave in a little less than a week. And the new group will come. This week is also transfers, so wish me luck with my new comp and area! I found an awesome scripture though. For the last month or so ive been focusing my studies on Fear and Faith. I was reading in the Bible and found this: "whosoever belongeth to my church need not fear" DC10:55. It really made me realize that we have no need to fear. Fear is of the devil and has no place in us if we are righteous. It was a cool realization for me.

I'm feeling really good. I've gained 10 lbs. Im up to 145ish now!

Both of my companions are doing really well. My sign language comp is working hard and learning lots and my American companion is not too trunky. All is well. haha.

No, my old Mongolian companion isnt in my Zone. My sign language is coming along really well. Im a visual learner so im picking this language up a lot faster. I feel pretty confident speaking it.

Haha yeah its weird how close I am. When my american companion goes home, it will almost be the three month mark for me. Crazy!

Thank you momma. I re-read the scripture you wrote on that pillowcase yesterday. Its kinda like what you just said. I'm glad I am living up to what I should be doing. I'm thankful for the examples and teachings you and Dad were able to get into my thick skull. love you too.

-elder clement,

Horse Meat Burgers

Email to his Dad

Its going good. Yeah its still cold. No snow anymore but still really cold.

We only got one new investigator this week. His name is Maygmardorj. He's 18. He looks like he can be a really good investigator. The biggest problem though is that he goes to school at a Army school and his free time is really restricted. Mongolians dont have any problem with 12 hour work days all week. We met him one time but they are having a really hard time.

The sign language is going really well. Im learning a lot and been translating a lot too. Its really fun, I like it a lot, but its one of those things that gonna be really hard to keep up after the mission. No new adventures but here are some funny stories from my deaf comp:

- So first mongolians as a whole are very uneducated about sciences, but deaf mongolians basically have NO knowledge of sciences or things like that. So my companion saw a Solar Eclipse a couple years ago with a bunch of other deaf friends and they all started freaking out. He thought the world was ending and Jesus Christ was coming back. He was expecting earthquakes and stars falling from the sky, etc. haha

- So one day he was trying to start something one fire (didnt catch what), but he didnt have any matches. So he decided to take some glasses he was wearing and try to light it with that. He saw it once on TV. He said he just held his arm there forever and was thinking about random things when all of the sudden it lit on fire and he said he was really grateful. I realize writing this that it doesnt sound that funny in english but if you can imagine a 21 year old kid with very vibrant facial expressions signing this all out with his hands its a lot funnier.

love you dad!

-elder clement

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Short and Sweet

This week has been awesome. We watched General Conference and all the Americans got together. I love this beautiful wonderful country but its nice just to spend a few moments with Americans watching something so sacred. It was great. And even though we spent two days watching that we still were able to teach 18 lessons! I still love the threesome thing a lot. I'm learning a lot about how to train and be better, and he is so humble and awesome. I love being with our deaf trainee!.

We are going to the bookstore today for my companion. and we are gonna get some fried rice and shrimp!! We found a little new york style roadside stand that sells some awesome food!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mongolian Writing and More food pics :)

So no big email today because I was emailing a ton of people! but I thought I would show you guys something funny. In Mongolian you add letters to words and brake it apart to change its means.

бүтээ: to create
then бүтээ-гд: a thing created
бүтээ-гд-эх: to be a thing created (verb)
бүтээ-гд-эх-үүн: to be a thing created (or in other words a product) (now a noun and not a verb)
бүтээ-гд-эх-үүн-үүд: products (plural)
бүтээ-гд-эх-үүн-үүд-ийг: products (specific ones kinda like 'the' in english)
бүтээ-гд-эх-үүн-үүд-ийг-ээ: my products (possessive)
And the end result: бүтээгдэхүүнүүдийгээ my products, haha this is the language I am learning!!!!

Getting ready to make the traditional mongolian food, Khuushuur

A HUGE fire right in the middle of the busiest part of the city! It was insane!

Its official. I am a nerd... Ive learned how to RUBIX cube...

A random dog that just got on the bus and was chilling on a seat. No one was stopping it or anything. Just laughing. haha