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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tyler's Food Masterpieces

Hey mom-ma-mee-aa (dont know how to spell that)

(In response to mom thanking him for a detailed email the week before)

Your very welcome, and just to show you how well I am eating now I sent you some pictures of food we made! I am in the city now so I have a lot easier access to all those american things. Still a little hard but its easier. Last week was good, got some nice lessons in (16), got seven new investigators, and five new baptismal dates!

I emailed Dad a funny random story about a Russian guy. It doesnt sound as funny in an email but if you picture me standing next to two people speaking fluent Russian and then this very energetic, slightly drunk Russian guy buys a drink it was funny.

I'm loving the ward, its really powerful and has lots of return missionaries that are helping to strengthen it. Im loving the roommates but they are being switched out with other missionaries. These guys that are here right now are really far from their area and so we are getting new roommates that are the missionaries in our area. Its actually our District Leader and his companion, so that will be fun.

The less-active member teaching is really great! We are working really hard contacting ward members asking them to help us update the ward list and contact information for people. Its going awesome!

Grocery wise im doing great! We are finally budgeting well and have plenty of leftover money! The Lord is POURING His blessings on us in every way. We all cook, I've actually gotten pretty decent! :) We also eat out a little, but only like once a week

love you Momma

All of Elder Clement's pictures this wee are FOOD. Haha. Some things NEVER change

Um, Ya. He made that burger.

Close Up

Omelets (not sure about the head on the table (haha)

Huu Sha - Elder Clement's favorite Mongolian Treat


Chicken Nuggests

Orange Chicken

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Details on the Transfer

(In response to a harrasing email from mom for not giving more details) :)

Sorry, haha. Ok the detailed filled email:

I left the city without any notice or warning. They just said get on the bus that's leaving in two hours to the city, and I did. I hurriedly packed my bags, and jumped on the bus. President hadn't decided exactly who I would be with or where I would go, but it was transfer day and people were being transferred so he just told me to come to the city with my bags. Anyways I got there and a day later I found out that I would be with Elder Sims, in Enkhtaivan Ward. Only the second time I've been in a ward in Mongolia, usually they are branches instead of wards. So basically I'm serving with one of my friends in a very strong very awesome ward, or in other words I am in Heaven. It took me like 10 hours to get here from Erdenet. There is Elder Sims (my companion, 1 year 6 months), Elder Moore (11 months), and Elder Olivas (3 months).

I'm not teaching English right now which is super nice, but I'm trying to teach a lot of lessons. We got the ward list and this last week have been going to almost all the most active member houses and asking them to identify and update less active members on the list, then we started trying to meet with them. And bonus when we went to the good members houses to teach and ask for their help on the list they all fed us so I've had some incredible foods this week from members! I am about a forty minute bus ride to my old area. Yeah got a few investigators, they're doing good. Getting to know them and their needs right now.

(Questions from mom)

Do you see Pres Benson more now that you are in the city?

I see him more but I don't meet with him more, he still is super busy.

Did you have leave your beloved mattress behind?

No I brought the mattress, I love that thing, but it almost takes up one whole suitcase.

How are you liking the city?

The city is good, I miss the countryside though, but to be honest I want to spend Christmas and the winter in the city just to see how smoky and cold it really is here. Its supposed to be pretty bad.

How is Elder Huckvale? Do you see him often?

Huckvale is doing good, dont see him too much though.

What do you do on P Days

On p-days we have been material shopping for a cool companion and apartment tie. There are 1000s of materials totally available everywhere, and it super cheap to have someone make a tie for you. We also have been going to fancy restaurants, which is funny because "fancy" here is KFC.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The first transfer in over 10 months

This week has been great! There was a transfer where I got a new companion and finally a new area (After ten months, and one whole journal). I am now with a good friend of mine from the mission. He is one group ahead of me, and his name is Elder Simms. He's great and I'm super super excited. He has great language also so I am gonna learn just a ton with him. We are also in a powerful area and powerful ward now with lots of return missionaries and long time members. We are both very eager to work and have lots of fun! I'm in the city and I'm roommates with two other american missionaries. We are having the funniest, best time of my life. Its constantly fun. We all like telling jokes and its so funny all the time! Also I'm in the city so I have access to almost all the american foods at home (as far as ingredients and stuff).

-Elder Clement
Note from mom: We firmly believe that Elder Clement needed this change. He is always so positive and rarely complains at all, but we have been fasting and praying that if it were the Lord's will, that he might be able to go to a new area. 10 months is a long time to be in one spot. As you can see, he is one happy boy.

"Oreo's" and Milk

Eggs in a Bag

Missionaries in Tyler's new area

Going down 9 flights of stairs

Long trip back to the city

Old district. The missionary right next to him is his old companion and his favorite thus far.

His old district and the wonderful Bro and Sis Hill