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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Still in Erdenet

I'm still in Erdenet, which I'm very thankful for. This was president bensons email to me this week: "You keep leading your district as you've been leading. You will bless their lives and the branch. Thank you. ". I love my mission and these people, I never want to go (sorry momma). I will do the best I can before I have to go. The transfers are every six weeks, but this one was delayed. The next one is Jan. 14th.
My loving companion taking pictures of me during a long ride in a van.

 And me with my new member, his wife and some church members

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Short and Sweet

"Tell us about your week?"

President Benson is having all of the missionaries in the whole country come together and celebrate Christmas together this year. Did you know his wife just had a baby?

We will only be there for a day probably. Our next transfers are on the 18th. Thats when my last companion will also go home.

I baptized our sister missionaries investigator.

Sister Hill made us AMAZING burritos!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Baptisms :)

So... I had a baptism! His name is Chinsanna!! I started meeting with him first over a year ago now (one of the benefits from serving in an area for so long). He was really great and we knew at once that he was going to be baptized. Unfortunately he went the to city and we couldnt finish teaching him. Then later I went to the city but couldnt find him. When I came back to Erdenet he and his wife also happened to move back. I called around and found their number and called them. They were very excited to hear that I had come back and we met that week I think. Anyways we started meeting and meeting and meeting! Pretty soon it was them calling us and asking if they could meet with us. Our first lesson was SUPER spiritual, and after that I think they hungered to feel that same peace and spirit again. We ended up meeting almost everyday and if we couldnt meet with them one day they were really disappointed. They started reading the Book of Mormon, and praying everyday. They also came to the church whenever they could. They said when they met with us or came to the church they forgot their fears and troubles. It was a really powerful experience for me. He was going to be baptized this week but because of family issues had to be baptized last week. He chose me to baptize him and I did. That day the hot water was gone so we had to fill it up with only cold (WINTER, FREEZE YOUR FACE OFF COLD) water. When we came out though he was BEAMING, he was sooo happy. He just kept saying, 'thank you, thank you so much'! He was overwhelmingly happy and so was I. Later he also asked me to give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and after I gave it to him, and hugged me almost crying! Later my companion gave him the Aaronic Priesthood and he could wipe the smile off his face!! He gave my companion and I another hug and, and was really really happy.

It was an awesome experience, and im so thankful I was able to watch him be baptized!

I also baptized some one else this week. Her name is Munguntuya. When she first came to church I befriended her, and I handed her to the sisters to teach. She was amazing and received several spiritual experiences. She also asked me to baptize her! It was really cool to see her get baptized too!

-elder clement
Our district. Im 'K'
my favorite mission district!!!! 

my favorite mission district!!!! 

my favorite mission district!!!! 
a pic of me and a member after the district conference
a pic of some missionaries together. I was companions with all of them at one point of another except the guy in gray pointing to his arm and the american.