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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lessons learned

Ive learned a lot this week and I wanna share it. A couple of weeks ago one of my friends was having a hard time on his mission. He was having insecurities about his teaching abilities, and I recommended that every night before he sleeps he think of an investigator then teach that investigator a lesson in his head. I realized last week I needed to take my own advice. Starting from the beginning of last week, I have done that every night in Mongolian. Right before I sleep, I open my lesson notebook where Ive planned all my lessons, I re-read it, then think of an investigator and teach them in my head. I also have been learning diligence, dedication, and perseverance. My companion is incredible at this. He does something bad then doesnt stop until he better than everyone else at it. President Heber J Grant was also this way. President Grant was horrible at penmanship and after practicing for a LONG time he became a penmanship teacher and wrote important documents for banks and important organizations. I am not very good at perseverance. If I do something bad its very hard for me to continue to do it until I am good at it. Right now my mongolian language is below average. I have been studying but not hard enough because I had no hope I could ever be fluent. I had faith God lived but I didnt have trust in His ability to help me with something like this. I decided last week, I was going to completely dedicate myself to God and this mission. I havent had a wasted moment this last week at all. And yesterday was one of the biggest miracles of my mission.

Im not a great teacher and when its in Mongolian I teach even worse, but yesterday was the first opportunity to teach a lesson this week (we had a lot of trainings and conferences this week), I opened my mouth and the Spirit was immediately overwhelming me and controlling everything that came out of my mouth. I had no constraints of language or teaching ability. Everything I taught was simple, clear, and understandable. I had the full attention of the investigator and EVERYONE in the house. When I went to turn it over to my companion to teach he only looked at me dumbfounded. He turned to the investigator and tried to say something but could only stutter a few words before he turned it back to me. I taught the entire first lesson completely by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was the most incredible thing thats every happened to me. I know understand what The Gift of Tongues means. I love the Lord, I love this work, I believe in God and trust in His ability to help us.

I love you guys!
-Elder Clement

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another Baptism.... Yippee

Had another baptism and have another planned soon if I stay here. Transfers are this week so I dont know whats gonna happen.

So i'll tell you a little about whats going on here. Ive been here in this city for six months now (thats a while in a mission). I love this city and would love to stay here another transfer but at the same time I feel like Ive really contributed to this area and I could move on now comfortably. When I got to this branch we were hitting around low 30s every week for attendances and last week was a little over 50. Ive baptized three people in this branch and have a fourth investigator with a baptismal date. I feel good about whatever happens with this transfer.

A cool experience that happened here. We were called 20 minutes before our baptism last Sat and told that our investigators six month old baby had been very very sick with a high fever, and they wanted a blessing of health for her. We rushed over, and the parents were red-faced, and baggy-eyed. They told us the baby hadnt slept at all and had been crying almost all day. Almost as soon as they finished telling us this the baby fell asleep in the monther's arms. Then as we laid our hands on her head the Spirit directed us to heal the baby of her sickness that day. After the blessing we rushed back to the baptism, preformed it, and then called the parents back to see how the baby was. She was fine, fever gone and sleeping.

Alright about the baptism. It was a little boy of an inactive member. We have been working really hard on preparing him and it worked. We baptized him this last Sat and he asked me to do the ordinance so I actually did the baptizing! It was funny because the ward had planned a HUGE open house that day and we were so busy with that we forgot about filling up the font. So we were scrambling for ideas right before the baptism started. Finally someone thought up the idea to use the firehouse at the church so I jimmied the lock and we used the firehouse to fill it up. Which worked but made the water FREEZING cold!!!

Anyways thats all here, hope you guys have a great week!
-Elder Clement