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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Winter In Mongolia

Winter has sprung in Mongolia. I had to wear one of my winter jackets... and a sweater... and my suit to stay warm!
. A cool little drawing my deaf companion made for me (it says Elder Clement The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

And what it looks like outside right now...

The flashdrive I got last week that I told you about

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Awesome Week including a CAMEL RIDE

This week has been awesome! Hey so fun announcement right after I emailed you guys I got a call from the APs. My companion and I got a new companion, a deaf missionary! We are a three-some now! And he is deaf so we have to speak sign language all the time now!!!! Its awesome, im loving it so much! He is a super great, obedient missionary and I love having him as my companion. He also is really educated so he can communicate very well! He has been teaching me and helping me a ton!!! He is a new missionary also so President Benson told me im his trainer!!! Trainer Round 2!!

We also had a BIG, HISTORIC mission conference here in Mongolia. We had President Gong (the Asia Area President), President Rasband (The President of the Seventy), and Elder Allen (President of the Mission Department of the Church) all come and have a mission conference with us!!! We talked about mostly effective planning. It was two days of complete awesomeness!!! I got a picture with Elder Allen but President Gong, and Rasband were really busy and didnt have time. It was really cool, we all shook hands with them and got to talk with them and ask them questions at the end. President Rasband talked about his talk he gave in General Conference about how mission calls are made, it was soo cool! And they are all members of the 70 so I met and shook hands with three members of the seventy!

Ok and let me tell you the results of the conference so far. Mind you this is only five days since the conference. At church (four days after the conference) we had five what we call eternal less-actives. A husband and wife, who havnt been to church in years. A father of a family who only recently we re-activated his daughter. A middle-aged man with mental issues that makes it difficult for him to come to church. And finally a teenage kid my companion met ten months ago. We have been meeting these people for about a little over two months now with no success. Finally after applying the things we learned in the conference we got all of the less-actives we were working with to church. We have to find new less-actives now, haha. It was an amazing blessing.

Also momma, very last. Sister Benson mom came a couple days ago to visit. And she immediatly saw me and said "Your Vicki Savages grandson, arent you?". Just thought it was a nice way to be know by.

-Elder Clement

No words necessary

Again, no words...

My MTC Group

A missionary stayed at our house and drew this awesome picture of my companion and I on the mirror!

Elder Allen, President of Mission Department of the Church

My two Erdenet members that are now missionaries with me! I served in their ward for ten months

Elder Standley from my group

Me building a traditional Mongolian house

An awkward picture of me before we were rushed out of a members house

Me building a traditional Mongolian house

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A little fun for Elder Clement

I'm doing good, transfer was today and we found out my companion and I are still together in the same area (super happy about that!)!!! We are having a HUGE mission fireside. President Rasband (President of the Seventy), and President Gong (Asia Area President) are doing a big mission conference tomorrow and ALL missionaries in the entire country are coming in (some people flying in). Its a huge historical one because these guys are such big guys and BOTH of them are coming.

Questions from mom

Q: We saw that the President of Russia came to Mongolia. Anything to be worried about?
A:Yeah I saw the police escort for the president. Dont worry about it, this was a public appearance, well not public but Ive seen him come secretly before. He came in the open today so it wasnt anything bad.

Q: How are you feeling? Are you gaining weight?
A: Feeling good. I put on about 8 pounds

Q: How are the investigators?
A: They're good, we are working hard and getting blessed so it awesome. We are working with a family of investigators and then a couple other people as well. They all are doing really good.

love you too

-elder clement

Bought Clay for object lessons but got carried away.

More Clay

My comps birthday

Sorry I got ANOTHER painting. The guy walked up to me, and said "Look, dont you want a smiling camel picture!?!" in mongolian and it was really funny so I bartered it down a quarter of the price and got another painting thrown in for free! But look, a smiling camel!!!!! :D

I am learning the ancient Mongolian script language for fun, and I learned how to write Clement, so I used some clay stuff and spelled our name

Found a pumpkin for cheap, so I bought it

Apt Roommates and "Jack"

Matching Ties

Haha. Clay Family?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jello Juice

Mongolia is great!!! Im loving life and working super hard.

This week though something kinda funny happened. In Mongolia 80% of the products (food, clothing, etc.) are in a different language so they can't read the instructions or what exactly it is. Its kinda sad actually, but anyways these awesome members invited us over for dinner and they gave us this pink looking drink. We were really suprised because Mongolians usually drink and give either a hot milk, salt drink or hot water. When she gave us this we asked her what it was. She showed us the package very excitedly and we read 'JELLO' on the front. Turns out she had bought a russian jello mix and thought it was a juice drink mix. We was so proud and happy we didnt have the heart to tell her we didn't want to drink it. So we drank it all... and every time we took a couple of sips so would refill it! It was like drinking slimy syrup!!! I felt like throwing up after drinking it!!!!

My companion is great. He is going home in December and he is a linguist so hes got awesome mongolian and mongolian sign language so he has been teaching me a lot! And he is really obedient and easy to be with so we have just been doing great work! Funny stories, well you can ask trent, I told him a funny one.

Well our church was FULL to the back in EVERY class!!!! We have been working hard on the ALAs and yesterday we filled the church COMPLETELY!!! In every meeting, in every classroom, it was totally full!!!

This week was another great one, we didnt get 21 lessons this week but we almost hit it. We got 17 lessons! And what I love the most is that they were all quality lessons! We have a lot of investigators that are doing really well, and we keep getting these investigators from out of nowhere and its just another way of God showing us His blessings. I love this work and im proud to be doing it.

-Elder Clement