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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A little fun for Elder Clement

I'm doing good, transfer was today and we found out my companion and I are still together in the same area (super happy about that!)!!! We are having a HUGE mission fireside. President Rasband (President of the Seventy), and President Gong (Asia Area President) are doing a big mission conference tomorrow and ALL missionaries in the entire country are coming in (some people flying in). Its a huge historical one because these guys are such big guys and BOTH of them are coming.

Questions from mom

Q: We saw that the President of Russia came to Mongolia. Anything to be worried about?
A:Yeah I saw the police escort for the president. Dont worry about it, this was a public appearance, well not public but Ive seen him come secretly before. He came in the open today so it wasnt anything bad.

Q: How are you feeling? Are you gaining weight?
A: Feeling good. I put on about 8 pounds

Q: How are the investigators?
A: They're good, we are working hard and getting blessed so it awesome. We are working with a family of investigators and then a couple other people as well. They all are doing really good.

love you too

-elder clement

Bought Clay for object lessons but got carried away.

More Clay

My comps birthday

Sorry I got ANOTHER painting. The guy walked up to me, and said "Look, dont you want a smiling camel picture!?!" in mongolian and it was really funny so I bartered it down a quarter of the price and got another painting thrown in for free! But look, a smiling camel!!!!! :D

I am learning the ancient Mongolian script language for fun, and I learned how to write Clement, so I used some clay stuff and spelled our name

Found a pumpkin for cheap, so I bought it

Apt Roommates and "Jack"

Matching Ties

Haha. Clay Family?

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