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Sunday, February 16, 2014


My week has been an adventure that's all I can say. First of all SURPRISE I had a baptism!!! I have this new kinda wierd thing. Every time Ive told you that an investigator is progressing well something happens and they go bad. So I decided to not say anything and see how it went... and they got baptized. Her name is бадмаанямбуу (badmaanyambuu, said: baad-maa-nim-boe). She has been incredible!!! Her children and sister and sisters children all members but it took her a little longer to accept the gospel. When she decided to investigate the church though she didnt hold back. If she had questions she asked from her family, and her family was her support line (best way to introduce someone to the church is through family and friends), then she would confirm with us. She read everything we gave her, prayed every morning and night, read the Book of Mormon, and did everything she was supposed to. Her faith is so strong it was an inspiration just to be able to teach her. Her son (a member) was going to baptize her but the night before they called me and asked if I would do it instead, so I did my first actual baptizing of a person. It was really spiritual and a really awesome experience! I attached some pictures for you to look at. Also they are like my second family now and they feed me every time I go to their house (so dont worry momma).

ok also transfers were this week. Last transfer I was district leader, but it was of a very small district which I very much loved. This transfer I stayed District Leader but I got a lot of new missionaries and my district became the biggest in Mongolia. So I'm the District Leader of a ton of missionaries now and, ya know, got a little stress no biggie, haha. My district also has a few difficult missionaries and a few "clicky" missionaries. They dont like my companion and I right now so we are working hard to love and serve them! A little while ago, before the transfer I prayed for more confidence in my leadership abilities and a greater opportunity to get better mongolian quicker, and ya know you have to be careful what you ask for I guess cause now I'll get both but its gonna be an interesting ride! haha. Wish me luck!

As far as everything else. Its good. My new companion is a friend of mine from the city and so its been really great being with him. Im still in the same place, erdenet, so thats nice and I am really excited about this next month. Everything is looking good. Im also getting healthier! I was basically sick these entire 10 months, and just recently got feeling better. Im starting to put on some more muscle and hopefully I will gain back some of my 40 pounds Ive lost.

Alright love you all have a great week!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mongolian New Years

So this week was whats called Sagaan Sar. Its the new lunar year. Mongolians go crazy and make tons of food!! Some families make anywhere from several hundred buuz (dumplings) to several thousand!!! We also eat sheep or goat (skin still on it just a little toasty), and lots of candy, milk, fermented milk, and fermented milk candy.
There is also a tradition of the hosts handing out alcoholic milk and juice, its not acholic per se but its pretty fermented so if you have a lot you can get drunk. The mission policy is that we are allowed to have one sip because of how offensive it is to refuse it. Even members give it out. And of course what would a mongolian holiday be without drugs. I am touching a stuff bottle to my nose. You are supposed to snort the drugs inside but if you just touch the end of the bottle to your nose they are satisfied.