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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Elder Huckvale & A sweet present for home

So this Tuesday I had a really big english teacher training. As you know part of my VISA requirements to be a missionary in Mongolia is to teach english. All the Americans have sponsors and companies they professionally teach for (we even got BYU-Certified in International Teaching while in the MTC). Because im in the countryside I had to take the train in, which is a 12 hour ride. So in order to get to the training on time I left a day early, and it was a two day training so basically Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I was in the capital city for the training. Then on Thursday I had a Zone Conference in a different city six hours away, so I went to that by bus. So after all that I got back to Erdenet on Friday... only to have my companion break his tooth on a piece of candy. Our mission presidents wife asked us to come back to the city so that evening we went back to the capital again, another 12 hour train ride. Got there on Sat, and they put a cap on the tooth then asked us to come back on Monday (today) so we waiting here and taught lessons with missionaries here. So I basically havnt been in Erdenet more than a few hours this week! haha

Did have a funny quote to share though. I stayed in the apartment of one of my old companions and I asked him if he was glad he got a new companion so he didnt have to hear me snore anymore, he looked at me and just said in complete seriousness: "No, actually for the first little while after we got new companions I couldnt sleep at all. Your snoring was like a lullaby to me". So there you go guys, I soothe people to sleep!

Oh ok also the best thing that has happened to me on my mission so far! I saw Elder Huckvale! My MTC companion! I was waiting at church headquarters and we saw each other and we tackled each other! It was awesome, I missed him soooo much! Then to make it better all the americans in mongolia got together for that training so I saw all my group missionaries! I seriously was so unbelievably happy! It was complete peace! All my mission stresses and worries melted away and I was so happy and calm I cant even explain it. It gave a total recharge to my mission batteries!

Well thats all here

A painting that Elder Clement had painted for me. He lost his Grandma Savage just a few short months before his call. I LOVE MY SON!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Elder Clement is being published?

Ok first a really cool thing happened this week. I got a letter (the handwriting looked just like moms so I thought it was from her) from Arizona. I didnt recognize the name and opened it. Turns out its a woman who is writing a inspirational missionary letter book. She found my blog and a few of my posts really inspired her. She said she wants to put a few of them in her book. She also really liked my poem on humility! She told me how my letters home had really helped her feel the Spirit. It was awesome!

Also I came up with an awesome quote: "You cannot live without regret but one with little is one well spent". Cool right!?!

Alright the last thing is something that I really learned this week. You can read more about it in Job, but its about Fear and Faith. The ONLY thing keeping us from unlocking our entire potential is fear. We've all heard stories of men working crazy miracles with the priesthood. Those were men who had their faith and didnt let their fear get in the way. In Job it says what he feared most came to pass. He was a righteous man but also had a lot of fear. If we dont let our fear overpower our faith we can be successful in EVERYTHING we do. I mean we can be successful business men and woman, be physically healthy, mentally acute, and will receive answers to your prayers like youve never imagined. I am really working hard this week on positive thinking and powerful praying. I believe if we believe we will receive the things we ask for our Loving Father in Heaven will give them to us.

That's all for this week, love you guys

Elder Clement

Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Companion - Big Change

Ok so first transfer. Right, I mean right, after I started feeling good and comfortable with everything I got transferred. My companion, my language, my growth, everything. I was feeling good about it all, then I got transferred. And my new companion is known for being a little difficult so I was really stressed. I got with him and immediately things started off on the wrong foot. I was annoyed with him about everything and it was really hard. Then I prayed. I wanted to know why after just becoming perfect with my last companion I had to get another difficult one (My last companion had a lot of issues, im not sure how many of them I shared but we also had our fair share of problems, and right after he, and I, became almost perfect I got transferred). After my prayer I learned a very valuable important lesson. There are still things I have to learn, many things. And if I dont get trails how am I supposed to learn them? My new companion, though difficult, is going to be an incredible blessing for me. He is an obsessive, compulsive perfectionist. He came in, and started cleaning EVERYTHING. He was throwing away things right and left (many of my things), and was going crazy. Then he moved on from the house to me. He was always correcting me and everything I did. It was driving me nuts. Then after my prayer I realized that there are only two things holding me back from my full potential here; My language and doing all the little small things completely obediently. Because my companion is so perfection-focused im learning how to do EVERYTHING, even the little seemingly insignificant things prefect. And he speaks nearly no english so my language will improve as well. Its one of those blessings in disguise, and once I started being more positive everything got better. Now we are happy and working hard... and I have a really clean apartment. haha

Also on a different note, I only have like six more transfers left.

And my companion is of the tribe of Simeon! How cool is that? Have you ever even heard of that tribe!?

Pre Hair Cut

Fatten Up Package from Mission President

Hair from Hair Cut

Post Hair Cut

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Incredible Week

Alright what has happened this week has been incredible.

We had a complete drunk we had been meeting with drop off the face off the earth a couple weeks ago and we were really sad. We thought maybe he had died or something, turns out though we got a job and has made a 360 turn around! We was wearing a suit, and looked super nice when we met him! My companion and I were speechless. This guy was seriously a blabbering drunk, but now has become a good-looking well to do normal person. Amazing! We taught him about the Atonement, and about God and Jesus Christ and now he has made the changes necessary to grow. Shows just how far people can come back from their mistakes!

Also normally Mongolians are very cautious of religious people, Christians, and especially Mormons here in Erdenet, but this week we didnt have a day where people didnt come up to US and ask to meet with US! People seriously wouldnt leave us alone, haha. It was crazy! They gave us their phone numbers, promised to come to church and were very excited to meet with us and learn about God! It was an incredible week. In one week we maybe got 12+ new investigators to meet with!! And the sisters in our district have been having the same thing happen to them. We all have been working REALLY hard, and I have been doing my own effort to be 100% diligent and its been paying off ten fold. Erdenet's time to shine is now and I cant explain how excited I am to be a part of it!

Also on Saturday we taught an all new high of 10 lessons! In one day!! Crazy, we planned a split and just went to town meeting and teaching people! It was an awesome day!!!

Also when I was in the MTC our teacher had us write a letter to ourselves that he would send to us a year into our missions. I got that letter this week and it was so cool! Haha I was kinda funny, I will quote the first line: "Who says time travel isnt possible? You just got a letter from yourself a year ago. Your a funny guy!" haha. It was suppossed to be kind of an inspirational and uplifting thing and it was. Really showed me how much ive grown. The things I was struggling with and now have overcome, and the things I still need to work on. It was really awesome!

I also wanted to talk a little about the faith of the members here. I was truly been humbled time and time again by their unbelievable faith. I have a friend here in Erdenet who will be in the next missionary group here, that has only been a member for two years, and now will leave his family for another two! One of my favorite missionaries currently serving left his family to serve knowing that they would possible disown him. They didnt but for the last year and a half he hasnt got a single letter, or email from them, even though he emails them every week. They are both unshakable in their faith and dedication to the Lord.

Just want all of you to know Im doing great. Ive learned dedication and am learning patience and the blessings from working so hard are too many to count. I love my God, my Savior, and this work more than anything and am so grateful to be in the service of my God and family.

-Elder Clement