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Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Companion - Big Change

Ok so first transfer. Right, I mean right, after I started feeling good and comfortable with everything I got transferred. My companion, my language, my growth, everything. I was feeling good about it all, then I got transferred. And my new companion is known for being a little difficult so I was really stressed. I got with him and immediately things started off on the wrong foot. I was annoyed with him about everything and it was really hard. Then I prayed. I wanted to know why after just becoming perfect with my last companion I had to get another difficult one (My last companion had a lot of issues, im not sure how many of them I shared but we also had our fair share of problems, and right after he, and I, became almost perfect I got transferred). After my prayer I learned a very valuable important lesson. There are still things I have to learn, many things. And if I dont get trails how am I supposed to learn them? My new companion, though difficult, is going to be an incredible blessing for me. He is an obsessive, compulsive perfectionist. He came in, and started cleaning EVERYTHING. He was throwing away things right and left (many of my things), and was going crazy. Then he moved on from the house to me. He was always correcting me and everything I did. It was driving me nuts. Then after my prayer I realized that there are only two things holding me back from my full potential here; My language and doing all the little small things completely obediently. Because my companion is so perfection-focused im learning how to do EVERYTHING, even the little seemingly insignificant things prefect. And he speaks nearly no english so my language will improve as well. Its one of those blessings in disguise, and once I started being more positive everything got better. Now we are happy and working hard... and I have a really clean apartment. haha

Also on a different note, I only have like six more transfers left.

And my companion is of the tribe of Simeon! How cool is that? Have you ever even heard of that tribe!?

Pre Hair Cut

Fatten Up Package from Mission President

Hair from Hair Cut

Post Hair Cut

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