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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Elder Huckvale & A sweet present for home

So this Tuesday I had a really big english teacher training. As you know part of my VISA requirements to be a missionary in Mongolia is to teach english. All the Americans have sponsors and companies they professionally teach for (we even got BYU-Certified in International Teaching while in the MTC). Because im in the countryside I had to take the train in, which is a 12 hour ride. So in order to get to the training on time I left a day early, and it was a two day training so basically Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I was in the capital city for the training. Then on Thursday I had a Zone Conference in a different city six hours away, so I went to that by bus. So after all that I got back to Erdenet on Friday... only to have my companion break his tooth on a piece of candy. Our mission presidents wife asked us to come back to the city so that evening we went back to the capital again, another 12 hour train ride. Got there on Sat, and they put a cap on the tooth then asked us to come back on Monday (today) so we waiting here and taught lessons with missionaries here. So I basically havnt been in Erdenet more than a few hours this week! haha

Did have a funny quote to share though. I stayed in the apartment of one of my old companions and I asked him if he was glad he got a new companion so he didnt have to hear me snore anymore, he looked at me and just said in complete seriousness: "No, actually for the first little while after we got new companions I couldnt sleep at all. Your snoring was like a lullaby to me". So there you go guys, I soothe people to sleep!

Oh ok also the best thing that has happened to me on my mission so far! I saw Elder Huckvale! My MTC companion! I was waiting at church headquarters and we saw each other and we tackled each other! It was awesome, I missed him soooo much! Then to make it better all the americans in mongolia got together for that training so I saw all my group missionaries! I seriously was so unbelievably happy! It was complete peace! All my mission stresses and worries melted away and I was so happy and calm I cant even explain it. It gave a total recharge to my mission batteries!

Well thats all here

A painting that Elder Clement had painted for me. He lost his Grandma Savage just a few short months before his call. I LOVE MY SON!

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