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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just a few funny stories

So I was doing some service at the church pulling out this HUGE weed, and I was pulling and pulling and finally this thing came out but I fell back because I was pulling so hard. Well just so happens I land on a bush of stinging nettle, on my backside, and for a while I was very very sore.

Story number two. I saw the video of Trent for the first time two days ago. The one where the people give him money and he buys silly string... Sister Hill showed it to my district and we had a really good laugh. Trent's a cute boy, especially when he waddles like a penguin with an arm full of silly string. "and look at this poor kid..." haha

I used to teach English to a class full of young twenty year old girls, all looking to get hitched to an American. Let me just say it was interesting. They were constantly flirting and it was really funny. Well they just graduated and what do you know, they got me a going away package. A really awesome looking pen with my name inscribed on the side, a little notebook, and a bag full of my favorite Mongolian food! Whoo hoo, this is what you get for being a good(looking) English teacher! (Note from mom.... I'm guessing he hasn't learned humility on his mission yet. lol)

I also got interviewed on TV! This week was the big Mongolian holiday Naadam. We celebrated for three days straight. It was awesome, but I didn't get any work done unfortunately. Basically for three full days you just watch sports (wrestling, archery, and horse racing) and eat lots of Huushuur (a really good deep-fried mongolian food)! And I rode a camel!!! Whoo hoo, it was so AWESOME!!

That is all, love you guys


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