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Monday, July 21, 2014

The perfect Day

First off, I would like to share a scripture: Philippeans 4:3 in the
Bible. Read it as a family it's pretty cool.

Next I wanna talk about something cool I learned this week. In the
scriptures it often talks about prophets receiving revelation AFTER
they ponder on something. I was reading in the Book of Mormon and had
the impression that in order to improve my studies and get all I could
from them I needed to spend time just pondering. Nephi before getting
his own vision of the tree of life was pondering on it, then later was
caught up in a vision. After spending this week really taking time to
ponder the things Id been learning and also some of the large
questions of my soul. I have received an almost non-stop flow of
personal revelation.

Ok let me tell you about the best p-day of my mission! Today we went
with all the missionaries in our district to a mountain near-by our
area. Hiked up there (which was beautiful) then spent a few hours just
picking and eating wild strawberries! Then ended it by playing
Phase10! It was a perfect day! The strawberries were wild and packed
with flavor! It was incredible! I got completely sun-burned EVERYWHERE
though! The back or my arms, legs and neck, really really bad! I have
a super bad farmers tan now, haha.

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