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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Busy week

The baptism I had RIGHT after I got transferred so I didn't get to see it. Oh well

A scary building

A really nice family I met while visiting some countryside elders

A super classy mens bathroom sign

One of my favorite families in Mongolia. Their son just got off a mini-mission that he loved. Such an amazing, faith-filled family!

Homemade Tacos

My week:

Monday- P-day busy as always preparing for the week, and at night on a train going to Erdenet.

Tuesday- In Erdenet on a split with the Erdenet elders (Yes I got to go to Erdenet again! I got like a heroes welcome! Everyone saw me and was super happy! It was awesome!!! (and this was safe and legal)

Wednesday- Still in Erdenet teaching them the area and helping them with their companionship and missionary work. I helped one missionary get three referrals (new investigators information).

Thursday- Got home in the morning, taught district meeting in the afternoon, met with a family, then got on a train to the next place.

Friday- In a place called Selenge. Its a super small little town. We went there and just went on a split with them to find out about their area and companionship. How we can help, etc. It was really successful . I helped one missionary find two new investigators. At night we got on the train again.

Saturday- Got into another small countryside town, called Zuunkharaa. Even smaller than yesterdays town. We went on a split with them too and worked with them on what they need to do to improve and help the area/work grow. Also very successful.

Sunday- Were supposed to go home but missed the 2am train back so had to stay longer and went to church in Zuunkharaa. We got back and immediatly had an appointment so with our luggage in hand we met with him, then right after (still with our stuff) visited another family and finally got to go home! First time I got to sleep in a real bed this week!! Busy busy busy!! Awesome!

Next week I will email a really inspiring storyt

Sunday, March 8, 2015

So this week has been fun. Just a week or so ago I was transferred back to the countryside. Im Zone Leader here, which is really fun. We have lots of missionaries in our zone and we are trying to help and support them in every way we can. Im learning a lot! We hope to go on splits with some missionaries this week and I will talk about that next week.

Ive been studying two scriptures lately. One is Alma 7:24

And see that ye have faith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works.

and 2 Nephi 5:27

And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness.

The first one is simple but its given me things to focus my study on. If we are constantly exercising and working on our faith, hope, and charity then we will always be doing good things. Its made me realize I need to study more about those three things since they are re-occurring and are always together.

And then the next scripture. By living according to this Gospel we live according to real and lasting happiness. People my whole mission have asked me why I went on a mission, and what the blessings are from joining the church. I always answer the same thing for both questions; Happiness. This church has made me happier than I could be in any other way and I want to show others how to be just as happy.
A really really scary old Russian apartment that almost made us pee our pants
Mongolian Holiday Tsagaan Sar!
Mongolian Holiday Tsagaan Sar!

A cool view that this picture doesnt do justice, and on the coldest day of my life!!!

Email from President Benson, "

"You have a very short time to effectuate great change, even eternal change, in the lives of many"

no pressure... haha

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Back in the Country...

(Okay. So I paniked a little when I learned he'd gone back to the country). Here is Ty's response.

When I met with the immigration officer he said that because my sponsor (the guy who paid for my VISA) is in the city I have no reason to be anywhere else. He said that I should be teaching for him and only him (something we didnt know). My sponsor is a church member and we made legal agreements with the learning center I was teaching at in Erdenet saying that my sponsor gave me permission to teach there while I lived in Erdenet. The documents were legit and legal, but according to that immigration guy, those documents are invalid. Because I had been living in Erdenet for so long under "invalid and illegal" reasons he was going to deport me, but he was stretching it to the max. The church called the head of immigration of mongolia and asked if the Erdenet immigration mans reasons were legitimate. The head guy said it wasnt and he would call the man himself and everything would be ok but just to be safe I should go to the city. Before I left I asked the Erdenet immigration man if I could travel and stuff around mongolia, especially my last month or so. He said yes, so I went to the city just to be safe until the church had a chance to send a representative to Erdenet to talk to him on my behalf. Everything is fine now, and my VISA does not have any problems.

The church is smart and legal, and right. Im 100% safe, dont worry. Trust President Benson and God, if it wasnt safe for me to be here I wouldn

't be.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

More details (by mom's demand) on why he was interrogated

Ok so let me tell you what happened this last week. I was just at home when I got a call from someone at church headquarters. They said not to leave my house because immigration officials are out searching for me. The officials had already gone to my old apartment but I had moved and didnt change my address so they couldnt find me and they had gotten even more angry. The reason why they were searching for me or had gone to my old apartment in the first place wasnt clear so I needed to stay home just to be safe. Later our church representative called the official and he was insanely mad. She talked to President Benson and they decided that I needed to leave my companions and go with my Erdenet City sponsor and meet this guy. So I did, and we went together. I met with him and he brought me into a room with 10 or 15 other government officials and interrogated me for an hour in mongolian. I was very friendly and did my best to pacify him. He calmed down towards the end and it ended up being not too bad, but he told me that he needed to deport me and restrict me from coming back for three years, and fine me 65'000 tugrugs (mongolian money). He also said he needed ALL of my government documents. I went home and called my mission president and they said to just stay home and they will figure out what we should do. I stayed home for two days while they called some people (our church rocks) and finally long story short we negotiated with them to not deport me if I move to the city and go home shortly (I was going to anyways). So im here. I got with one of my old companions this week.

My mission president was worried about me because he knew how much I love Eredent, but I trust in Gods foreknowledge and I knew there was reason in this even if it seemed like maybe there wasnt. Sure enough Ive seen many blessings from this already and have done a lot of important work since coming here.

Health = fine. That was my old baptism I just got pictures for

Im working really really hard, but im so close to the end I just kind feel like I can tell you better in person and im a little lazy when it comes to emails. Doing great though.

Love you momma,

hey also we had an AWESOME mongolian holiday, i'll send you pictures!

-elder clement

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


We received Tyler's Itinerary today. He comes up on April 9th at 9:10PM. Happy Day!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Never start an email with "NO NEED TO WORRY MOM"

I start this email with this: No need to worry (great you just started to worry, stop it!)

I just came to the city, I got hunted down by an immigration official and almost deported but after two days undercover in my house and several church members and pres benson meeting with the head of immigration im not gonna get deported but I have to stay in the city! Crazy! I will get a new companion today and a new area! Super disappointing but whatever. I know God knows what He's doing! I will tell you more next week when hopefully we can chat. I seriously dont want you to worry, God wanted me in the city and allowed this to happen for a reason. Im not being deported or anything anymore.

Thanks for all the updates these are the emails I love the most.

I love you!