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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Never start an email with "NO NEED TO WORRY MOM"

I start this email with this: No need to worry (great you just started to worry, stop it!)

I just came to the city, I got hunted down by an immigration official and almost deported but after two days undercover in my house and several church members and pres benson meeting with the head of immigration im not gonna get deported but I have to stay in the city! Crazy! I will get a new companion today and a new area! Super disappointing but whatever. I know God knows what He's doing! I will tell you more next week when hopefully we can chat. I seriously dont want you to worry, God wanted me in the city and allowed this to happen for a reason. Im not being deported or anything anymore.

Thanks for all the updates these are the emails I love the most.

I love you!

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