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Sunday, February 22, 2015

More details (by mom's demand) on why he was interrogated

Ok so let me tell you what happened this last week. I was just at home when I got a call from someone at church headquarters. They said not to leave my house because immigration officials are out searching for me. The officials had already gone to my old apartment but I had moved and didnt change my address so they couldnt find me and they had gotten even more angry. The reason why they were searching for me or had gone to my old apartment in the first place wasnt clear so I needed to stay home just to be safe. Later our church representative called the official and he was insanely mad. She talked to President Benson and they decided that I needed to leave my companions and go with my Erdenet City sponsor and meet this guy. So I did, and we went together. I met with him and he brought me into a room with 10 or 15 other government officials and interrogated me for an hour in mongolian. I was very friendly and did my best to pacify him. He calmed down towards the end and it ended up being not too bad, but he told me that he needed to deport me and restrict me from coming back for three years, and fine me 65'000 tugrugs (mongolian money). He also said he needed ALL of my government documents. I went home and called my mission president and they said to just stay home and they will figure out what we should do. I stayed home for two days while they called some people (our church rocks) and finally long story short we negotiated with them to not deport me if I move to the city and go home shortly (I was going to anyways). So im here. I got with one of my old companions this week.

My mission president was worried about me because he knew how much I love Eredent, but I trust in Gods foreknowledge and I knew there was reason in this even if it seemed like maybe there wasnt. Sure enough Ive seen many blessings from this already and have done a lot of important work since coming here.

Health = fine. That was my old baptism I just got pictures for

Im working really really hard, but im so close to the end I just kind feel like I can tell you better in person and im a little lazy when it comes to emails. Doing great though.

Love you momma,

hey also we had an AWESOME mongolian holiday, i'll send you pictures!

-elder clement

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