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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Back in the Country...

(Okay. So I paniked a little when I learned he'd gone back to the country). Here is Ty's response.

When I met with the immigration officer he said that because my sponsor (the guy who paid for my VISA) is in the city I have no reason to be anywhere else. He said that I should be teaching for him and only him (something we didnt know). My sponsor is a church member and we made legal agreements with the learning center I was teaching at in Erdenet saying that my sponsor gave me permission to teach there while I lived in Erdenet. The documents were legit and legal, but according to that immigration guy, those documents are invalid. Because I had been living in Erdenet for so long under "invalid and illegal" reasons he was going to deport me, but he was stretching it to the max. The church called the head of immigration of mongolia and asked if the Erdenet immigration mans reasons were legitimate. The head guy said it wasnt and he would call the man himself and everything would be ok but just to be safe I should go to the city. Before I left I asked the Erdenet immigration man if I could travel and stuff around mongolia, especially my last month or so. He said yes, so I went to the city just to be safe until the church had a chance to send a representative to Erdenet to talk to him on my behalf. Everything is fine now, and my VISA does not have any problems.

The church is smart and legal, and right. Im 100% safe, dont worry. Trust President Benson and God, if it wasnt safe for me to be here I wouldn

't be.

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