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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Elder Clement is being published?

Ok first a really cool thing happened this week. I got a letter (the handwriting looked just like moms so I thought it was from her) from Arizona. I didnt recognize the name and opened it. Turns out its a woman who is writing a inspirational missionary letter book. She found my blog and a few of my posts really inspired her. She said she wants to put a few of them in her book. She also really liked my poem on humility! She told me how my letters home had really helped her feel the Spirit. It was awesome!

Also I came up with an awesome quote: "You cannot live without regret but one with little is one well spent". Cool right!?!

Alright the last thing is something that I really learned this week. You can read more about it in Job, but its about Fear and Faith. The ONLY thing keeping us from unlocking our entire potential is fear. We've all heard stories of men working crazy miracles with the priesthood. Those were men who had their faith and didnt let their fear get in the way. In Job it says what he feared most came to pass. He was a righteous man but also had a lot of fear. If we dont let our fear overpower our faith we can be successful in EVERYTHING we do. I mean we can be successful business men and woman, be physically healthy, mentally acute, and will receive answers to your prayers like youve never imagined. I am really working hard this week on positive thinking and powerful praying. I believe if we believe we will receive the things we ask for our Loving Father in Heaven will give them to us.

That's all for this week, love you guys

Elder Clement

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