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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The first transfer in over 10 months

This week has been great! There was a transfer where I got a new companion and finally a new area (After ten months, and one whole journal). I am now with a good friend of mine from the mission. He is one group ahead of me, and his name is Elder Simms. He's great and I'm super super excited. He has great language also so I am gonna learn just a ton with him. We are also in a powerful area and powerful ward now with lots of return missionaries and long time members. We are both very eager to work and have lots of fun! I'm in the city and I'm roommates with two other american missionaries. We are having the funniest, best time of my life. Its constantly fun. We all like telling jokes and its so funny all the time! Also I'm in the city so I have access to almost all the american foods at home (as far as ingredients and stuff).

-Elder Clement
Note from mom: We firmly believe that Elder Clement needed this change. He is always so positive and rarely complains at all, but we have been fasting and praying that if it were the Lord's will, that he might be able to go to a new area. 10 months is a long time to be in one spot. As you can see, he is one happy boy.

"Oreo's" and Milk

Eggs in a Bag

Missionaries in Tyler's new area

Going down 9 flights of stairs

Long trip back to the city

Old district. The missionary right next to him is his old companion and his favorite thus far.

His old district and the wonderful Bro and Sis Hill

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