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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Email to his Dad

Its going good. Yeah its still cold. No snow anymore but still really cold.

We only got one new investigator this week. His name is Maygmardorj. He's 18. He looks like he can be a really good investigator. The biggest problem though is that he goes to school at a Army school and his free time is really restricted. Mongolians dont have any problem with 12 hour work days all week. We met him one time but they are having a really hard time.

The sign language is going really well. Im learning a lot and been translating a lot too. Its really fun, I like it a lot, but its one of those things that gonna be really hard to keep up after the mission. No new adventures but here are some funny stories from my deaf comp:

- So first mongolians as a whole are very uneducated about sciences, but deaf mongolians basically have NO knowledge of sciences or things like that. So my companion saw a Solar Eclipse a couple years ago with a bunch of other deaf friends and they all started freaking out. He thought the world was ending and Jesus Christ was coming back. He was expecting earthquakes and stars falling from the sky, etc. haha

- So one day he was trying to start something one fire (didnt catch what), but he didnt have any matches. So he decided to take some glasses he was wearing and try to light it with that. He saw it once on TV. He said he just held his arm there forever and was thinking about random things when all of the sudden it lit on fire and he said he was really grateful. I realize writing this that it doesnt sound that funny in english but if you can imagine a 21 year old kid with very vibrant facial expressions signing this all out with his hands its a lot funnier.

love you dad!

-elder clement

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