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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mongolian Writing and More food pics :)

So no big email today because I was emailing a ton of people! but I thought I would show you guys something funny. In Mongolian you add letters to words and brake it apart to change its means.

бүтээ: to create
then бүтээ-гд: a thing created
бүтээ-гд-эх: to be a thing created (verb)
бүтээ-гд-эх-үүн: to be a thing created (or in other words a product) (now a noun and not a verb)
бүтээ-гд-эх-үүн-үүд: products (plural)
бүтээ-гд-эх-үүн-үүд-ийг: products (specific ones kinda like 'the' in english)
бүтээ-гд-эх-үүн-үүд-ийг-ээ: my products (possessive)
And the end result: бүтээгдэхүүнүүдийгээ my products, haha this is the language I am learning!!!!

Getting ready to make the traditional mongolian food, Khuushuur

A HUGE fire right in the middle of the busiest part of the city! It was insane!

Its official. I am a nerd... Ive learned how to RUBIX cube...

A random dog that just got on the bus and was chilling on a seat. No one was stopping it or anything. Just laughing. haha

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