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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Note from Sis. Clark.

Dear Sister Clement,

Oh, yes! We will be there to personally meet and greet the new missionaries on Monday morning. They will arrive Monday just before noon our time. (Sunday night at 10 pm for you), 

We will have a welcome dinner for them and later take them to Zaisan Hill where the dedicatory prayer was offered by Neal A. Maxwell 20 years ago in April. We also have 8 Mongolians missionaries returning from the Manilla MTC that will be part of his group. They will all be trained by President Clark and then have an additional training with the trainers before heading out to their areas in the city. We have a lot of areas and church buildings around UB. It is unlikely that he will go way out into the countryside to serve.

Don't worry about him. He will love it here and will have the opportunity of a life time to teach and baptize a lot!!! 

Love, S. Clark

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