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Friday, May 24, 2013

Another spiritual experience

I got your other email about the house, and its ok. I will miss the ward and friends, but I understand following promptings from the Lord even more from being out here. Don't feel like you do/ or don't need to do something because I'm out here. Following the prompting of the Spirit are more important than worrying about what I might think. Just remember to pray every morning and night, ALL OF YOU. That's something that's been hard for me out here, but has been A HUGE blessing for me. I don't have much time but I wanted to tell you a few things.
a. I love all of you sooo much, and thank you all for writing me!!! I have kept all of your letters! In Mongolia it could take up to a month for letters to get there so I'm not sure what mailing will be like. But Mom don't worry about sending me packages, I can buy anything I need in the city.
b. I REALLY NEED THAT PHOTO ALBUM THOUGH!!!! Drop it off at the MTC door if you have to!! But try and it get it here by Monday, Tuesday at the LATEST! I don't need it fancy I just need it.
c. I got my travel plans. I leave on June 1st, from Salt Lake to LAX, then LAX to Beijing, then Beijing to Mongolia. Total time with layovers and flight time is 38.5 hours!!! That's how long I will be in a plane or in an airport!!!! My first time too!!!!
d. Just a Spiritual experience I wanted to share. I was in my classroom and my teachers (in Mongolian) said they are only ever speaking Mongolian for the rest of our MTC stay. Instantly I got super nervous and stressed, because now is a really critical learning time, and how was I supposed to learn anything if I cant understand half of what they are saying. For a while I was just super anxious, and stressed. Then suddenly I received an overwhelming feeling of peace, and comfort. All the stresses and worries melted away, and I felt calm. Then a few minutes later we found out our VISAs were approved and we had our travel plans. Again I felt so comforted and loved. And I realized a connection of when this had happened before.
When I turned in my papers I REALLY did not want to go state-side. I have nothing against stateside missions I just wanted to go foreign. Soon after I got the strong impression I was going stateside, and it was a BIG prompting. I knew it to be true. After a few days of long prayer and thought, I came to the conclusion that where God called me to serve is where I am supposed to serve, and was where I was supposed to be. After being totally and completely willing to serve anywhere (even provo, ut), I felt at peace and ready to serve where ever I was called. Then I got called to Mongolia, obviously.
When I opened my call, I received the same peace I felt when I was in the classroom. I know that feeling to come from God, and it was His way of telling me "Elder Clement, I will do with you what I will, it is not up to you. I know what is best for you, and the things I do are in your best interest because I am your Father in Heaven and I love you."
I testify with my whole being and power that God lives, He loves each of us more powerfully than we can comprehend and He knows best for us. Trust in Him, and follow His promptings and you will be rewarded with what is best for you individually. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I love you all, and thank you for supporting and loving me. I have been praying for all of you.
-Elder Clement

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