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Friday, May 17, 2013

District Leader

Dear Family,

I'm doing really good, guess who I got to listen to at our Tuesday Devotional!! Russel M. Nelson!! It was awesome, I left my journal in my room so later today I will send another email with quotes from that, and other speakers I've listened to. Be sure to put all of the quotes up on the site, and read them to the family!
Yeah I was made District Leader, sorry I thought I told you. I was made District Leader last week I think, or the week before (no sense of time here). It's going good, I realized that when I was made a missionary I raised my standards to meet that position, and I thought that they could get any higher, then I was made District Leader and I realized again there were things I needed to work on to be a better leader. So I'm working on being the best example possible to my District.
I don't remember who I told you to look up but I will tell you everyone in my District. The elders in my district: Elder Landin Hayter, Elder Brent Standley. The sisters: Laura Maglby, Sydney Ackley. My teachers: Ryan Margetts, Ryan Jolley, Isaac Wilson, Bradley Warner. (Margetts left but he was AWESOME).
I love my teachers though, they are crazy cool. I am really good friends with all of them, and I see myself getting back and still being really friends with them!! They each have a unique teaching aspect about them that is different from the other teachers and they really specialize in! Its great to get so many different approaches to learning a language and more about the gospel.
How are you doing? I know its hard to send your boy off a world away but know that I am doing super good!! The Lord is watching over me, and so is Grandma. That's one thing Russel M Nelson talked about a lot is that fact that people from the other side of the veil are helping and praying for us as missionaries. Whether those people are deceased relatives, future posterity, or the deceased family of those whose family is in Mongolia right now.
Ok I don't have much more time right now but I will be sending another email with my notes from the Devotional.
Here is a brief testimony in Mongolian (let me know if you cant see anything on your computer):
бурхан бол Тэнгэрлэг Эцэг бас Есүс Христ бол аваргч гэдгийг би мэдэнв. Бурхан надад хайртай, шиг би гэр бүлээ хайртай.
Love You,
-Ахлагч Clement

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