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Friday, May 10, 2013

More Sleep talking

I had another sleep talking experience, I don't know whats going on!!! I woke up in the middle of the night yelling, "hey, hey, hey, hey". I guess I was trying to get Elder Standley's attention. Anyways he woke up freaked out because he thought something was happening. He asked me what was wrong and I responded "When are we teaching the investigator?". He answered Friday, and I quickly but totally asleep said "No that's not right". Realizing I was asleep and that he could have some fun with me, he then said "Donuts!". I loudly responded "I LOVE THOSE... but God's will", then I bore a short testimony in English to him and went back to sleep.
Ok something fun about the MTC is you see a lot of returned missionaries who teach here now, one of them that I was able to meet was the Hawain of the District. He's really cool! He teaches here now I guess.
Alright like in almost every email I send to you guys I mention Elder Tebetonga, my hero!!! He is in Fiji now but before he left he shared some words of wisdom with me. My Mom was kind enough to send me a big bag of Cheetos, and PopRocks (His FAVORITES [they don't have them where he's from]), since then he has been referring to my Mom as HIS Mom. One of his last days here he explained why he did that. He said that the name Mom and Dad are titles of respect. He said he that when you refer to someone as Mom or Dad, it means you respect them for what they do. He now calls my Mom, Mom all the time now.
He also was describing our skin color (he is brown), he described my companions and I as the following (There is no racial or unkind intention behind this, he was simply describing us as best he could from his cultural point of view):
- Elder Standley: Milk
- Elder Hayter: Bannana Milk
- Me: Eggnog
Then he said the following, and again I re-iterate the above warning "There is no racial or unkind intention behind this, he was simply describing us as best he could from his cultural point of view":
TEBETONGA: "Am I too much black?"
US: "There is no too much black!"
TEBETONGA: "Yes, Africans!!"
Both times we died laughing!! Its was funny and interesting for us to see into that culture looking out.
Ok little more spiritual now:
Since in the MTC I have realized my lack of reading the Book of Mormon before my mission. I read them both A LOT in the MTC, because I realized that while I knew a lot of doctrine it was a whole other thing to teach it. Read the Book or Mormon to solidify your understanding of principles and doctrines, and then read Preach my Gospel to see simple explanations of what you just read. Even if your not a missionary, buy one and just it to help you understand complex or difficult doctrines. FUTURE MISSIONARIES

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