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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Exact Obedience.

(As you can tell, Elder Clement's last few emails have been short and sweet. He and I have been working on exact obedience and this was an email I received from him)

That's EXACTLY right, not perfect obedience, exact obedience! No such thing as a perfect person, and theres no use trying. Just be all that you can be and thats good enough.

That's what I noticed too. My health got better, and I stopped getting stressed. Its been awesome! I'm sooooo glad yo'uve decided to try this too, I know you'll get lots of blessings. And I have been blessed this week, so now I know the source.

I'm glad everyone is doing well.

I'm doing awesome!! There wont be a great email this week though sorry

(Then I gave him a hard time)

haha, momma before I didn't write cause I was having a hard time, but now I promise my mission is doing great! Everything is going amazing! I am loving everything. Don't worry about me

I'm feeling great!

love you LOTS

-elder clement

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