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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Drunk People and Scary Car Crashes

My week has been good. Erdenet is pretty warm so I'm lucky. We just had transfers. I got two new companions. One is a new missionary only been out three months, and one is the deaf companion I had a couple of months ago. Im really happy they are both great!

So Here's a funny story. We were walking home at night when we saw a drunk man, barely able to walk. I looked closely and realized it was an inactive member. We were walking him home (basically carrying him), and he told us that he had another small bottle of vodka he was going to drink when he got home. We told him no, but he was really persistent so when we helped him inside the house I stole his bottle of vodka, unfortunately as I did his crazy mini dog attacked me and started biting my foot. So in summary, as I was stealing vodka from a drunk man I got attacked by a dog.... yep this is missionary work.

Also we saw an insane car crash!! We had just gotten out of a taxi and just a few cars behind us a man going the other way hit a car straight on and destroyed it. He was drunk in a large SUV and there was a young family in a small taxi just a little ways behind us. The drunk man hit them and sent both cars flying. We immediately ran over to see how we could help. Half the people in the car had been ejected on impact and there was a frantic young mother holding a motionless, bloody child. I went straight to her and tried to help. She said "My son, call my dad", I dont know why she called me that, but the way she did made my heart drop. I called for her and gave her my phone. Then my companions and I helped carry the body of another man into the ambulance. It was a scary experience I never thought I would be in.

So transfers this week. I am with a new missionary, thats only been out three months, and a deaf missionary I trained about four months ago. We are doing great and are very happy

Love you to Mongolia and back (thats further than the moon I think).

-elder clement

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