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Sunday, January 12, 2014

What a ride...

Well hidya do?

Whats happened to me this week? I became the new District Leader. This week has also been very eventful for me. There was a fight between two awesome missionaries who just lost their tempers and one was sent home, also that same day one of our sister missionaries was having some personal problems and had to meet with President. So all the missionaries in my city left. Anyways long story short only the sisters came back. And the District Leader was one of the elders that made a mistake and got in a fight so President called me as the new DL. My first day what happened? One of the missionaries in my District (not in my city, hes in a different city), got hit by a car so I had to rush to the hospital to see if he was ok (he is). Then ive just been taking care of him, so far. haha, fun week for both of us!

Quote from my companion, said in all seriousness:
"I like to poop outside, the air is nice".

Well I presided in my first church meeting this Sunday. The missionary that got hit by a car is ok, but on home-stay. He is whats called a Group Leader. Its when a group of members live close to one another but there aren't enough people for a branch or ward. He is basically a Bishop. Well he was home-bound so I as his District Leader conducted and presided during church.

Another funny thing that happened, mom you'll like this im sure. I met with an investigator a couple of days ago who was a little drunk (not at all uncommon). He told me that while he was studying in Russia he did some inappropriate things with an American woman. He said maybe I was her son, his long lost son which fate has brought back to him.

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