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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Elder Clement the Poet - BE SURE AND READ THIS

This was personal revelation to me in answer to my prayers. I truly believe the Holy Ghost guided my hands and through this poem gave me the answers I needed.

My tongue is tied, I cannot speak.
I'm not perfect, I know i'm weak.

I want to help, I want to teach
a goal it seems, I cannot reach.

I pray and read, study and try
I cannot teach, I wonder 'why?'.

The Spirit burns, a fire bright.
it gives me hope, a guiding light.

The Holy Ghost, my soul  does feed
Earthly words, it does not need

It speaks to us, a message true.
To us it tells, what we should do.

It can be hard, when doubts appear
but trust the Lord, and do not fear.

Now I know, that there's a way,
I think of this, both night and day.

For now i'm weak, but will be strong.
With faith in Him, I wont wait long.

When troubles come, when faith is tried
keep in mind, for us Christ died. 

-Elder Clement
Ulanbaatar, Mongolia Mission

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