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Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years

About New Years
I'm good, my new years was good. I ate 19 buuz (like dumplings). In Mongolia eating a lot is a good thing, I dont know how to explain it but if an American eats a lot it means they are becoming Mongolian and Mongolians love it and new years is really big here so they make TONS of these buuz. I wanted to show everyone how Mongolian I was so I ate more than anyone at the house! I ate 18, but then everyone went crazy, and started chanting "Eat your age, eat your age" so I ate one more. It was great, I got a lot of respect out of that.  

Ok a little about the work here. The work is going great here. One of our investigators had a vision this week. He has been really difficult, not praying or reading the Book of Mormon, or following up on any of our commitments so we stopped visiting him and focused on other people. About two weeks later one of our lessons got cancelled so we had some extra time. We decided to visit him. We go in and sit down and the first thing he says is "I have something to tell you". He then proceeds with this dream he had: "He was in a taxi coming back from the outskirts of the city. When his taxi gets to the church it stops, and he gets out. When he steps out of the taxi everything else disappears and the only thing he can see is the church" then the dream ends. We talked about what this meant and that this is his answer. He hasnt prayed though so he asked how he could receive and answer without praying, and we told him that we pray for him everyday, and that maybe this was Gods way to answer our prayer and give him and answer to the question he wouldnt ask.

Another thing. Another investigator was what labeled Eternal Investigator. I thought that was a stupid label so we began to meet with him often once I got here, often learned and just getting to know him. We retaught many of the lessons and my companion and I really prayed hard for him. This last week he quit smoking. He has been smoking for many many many years but he finally decided to quit.
Also Ive decided my favorite song in the church is Easter Hosanna, its incredible.

Love you all

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