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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sleep Talking, Walking and bathroom humor?

My adventures of sleep. So far I have done the following:
- Fell out of bed, but instead of waking up I heard the bang as I hit the ground and thought someone was in our room so I ran to the door and screamed "Who's There!". All while asleep.
- My nose has been congested so each morning my companions make up new nicknames for what my snoring sounded like.
- I sleep next to our District Leader, and every night when I snore he hits me in the face with a pillow to make me be quiet. I'm too heavy a sleeper to wake up but apparently I stop snoring if he does it enough.
- I slept talked with my District Leader who was also sleep talking.
- I slept talked in Mongolian, and apparently I'm more fluent in my sleep than when I'm awake.
Funny story about my companion:
He was at the urinal doing his business when he dropped his ID Card. When he was finished he reached down to pick it up, he hadn't flushed yet, and when he looked up his tie was halfway in the urinal, soaked in pee. He did ran to the sink and threw his tie in to wash it off. It now looks and smells just like normal!!

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