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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Letter to fam

Hey Momma,
Yes Tuesday is my P-Day, I will usually be sending emails around this time too. Yes I got the razor and letter, thank you. I thought you guys forgot about me for a minute!!! Tell Tori and Jennie to get on it!!!!! Also tell Dad I am sending out his letters today.
Things are going great, I didn't mean to sound anxious. It's hard no doubt about it but I know Mongolian is something I can learn, "I will go and do the things the Lord commands". I can now pray, bear my testimony, read the Book of Mormon (I don't know what many of the words mean but I can read them!!), and have a basic conversation all in Mongolian, so yeah I'm slowly getting it. I already love the language though, and cant wait to be fluent!!
On P-Days we go to the temple (Don't ever go to the Temple on Tuesdays, they are having a problem with missionaries meeting up with friends/family while there. In the nicest most loving way I can say if I see any family there on Tuesday I am just gonna walk on by without saying hello. Its not that I don't love you, but its inappropriate). We email, do laundry, study, and then we have INCREDIBLE firesides!!!! I'll tell you more about that at the end, be sure to post that section on the site. Its pretty relax which is really important because we all get so caught up we really need that break!!
I am falling asleep in class. I only get MAX: 7 1/2 hours of sleep!! Don't they know I need my beauty sleep!! Haha its not that bad I kinda doze for a little while then I'm fine.
Yes I am actually starting to eat healthier. I have been REALLY sick lately (Headache, hot and cold flashes, sore throat, fatigue) and had to see the doc, he thought it might be the new diet here at the mtc so healthy food here I come!!!
Thanks and I love you too!!!
And yeah the Poprocks would be awesome!!!
Ok here is what happened at our Tuesday Devotional:
My zone sets up chairs for the devotions and firesides so as we were setting up I noticed they were using a lot nicer equipment than usual, which was kinda weird. Then I saw them setting up teleprompters, and I realized that someone big was coming tonight. So I told my district we have to get there early. So we got there a little over an hour early and just waited by the doors. After like hour a guy came out asking for volunteers to usher. He forewarned that you don't get any good seats or any other perks. I volunteered myself and our Elders to usher anyways, but as we were walking in he whispered to me, "you actually get really good seats". I guess he didn't want gold diggers to help out. So anyways we go in the back and the guy realized that they already had enough ushers so he takes us in front of the podium and says "You guys are off the hook, pick any spot you want". So we were able to sit right in front of the podium. So we are sitting there wondering who's coming when people by the door start standing up, I look over and immediately stand up in respect. Richard G. Scott was our speaker!!!! He walked in and immediately everyone stood up for him, and I felt the Spirit stronger than I ever have in my whole life. Can you imagine having the Spirit so strongly it can be felt in an entire room just by walking in!?!! It was incredible, I will attach some of the quotes later from the talk but he spoke to us about prayer and it was amazing!!! When he was done speaking he sat down, we sang, and then a girl got up to pray, but all of a sudden who jumps up but Richard G. Scott, he walks to the pulpit, and apologized to the girl for stopping her, and he says that we was inspired to give all of us a Apostolic Blessing. The words he blessed us with was what I had been feeling I needed for the past few days and it was THE MOST SPIRITUAL MOMENT I HAVE EVER HAD!!! I received an Apostolic Blessing from Richard G Scott, I still cant believe it. I will give you the quotes I wrote down from his talk in my next email probably!!
Ok that's all I think, anyways have to go so see ya,
-Elder Clement

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