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Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hey momma,

So good news and bad news. We had a great Thanksgiving. I made cornbread, deviled-eggs, shredded chicken, and potatoes with gravy! It was AMAZING!! Unfortunately my camera went weird and all the pictures are hard to access. I don't know if I can get them from my camera. It was great though! My companion and I about died from how much we ate! It was just my companion and I though.

We had a big district conference (like a stake conference, but without the stake), and there was no one there to translate so I translated for them. It was fun, but really tiring.

Its really weird. I only have three planners left for my mission. Its getting closer. Also I got your letters! Send more! Letters are WAY better than emails!

Im doing good, I promise. There is not a single thing I can complain of. I am given everything to the Lord and He has given me so much more. Im doing really good.

Our week was good. We had that two day conference. We had to take a long three hour van ride with all of our members to the city where the conference was being held. It was a cramped ride. We actually had to take four "vans" to get there though, and a couple of cars.

-elder clement

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