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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Perfect Day!

My baptism this week was awesome! Her name is Zolboo and she is the daughter of my new member! I can now say that I have baptized an entire family into this wonderful gospel! She was awesome, the missionaries before told us not to meet with her but we did anyways and she almost baptized herself! After meeting with us she started reading the book of mormon on her own and praying with her mom, she was incredible! At her moms baptism they brought a relative that now is an investigator and now at her baptism they brought two relatives and told us to meet with them. Because of their dedication to this gospel almost their entire extended family are members! She bore her testimony on Sunday when she and her family were with extended family and her Buddhist grandpa was making some bad remarks about the church she said the person after person bore testimony and the spirit was so powerful! She is great! The woman standing next to me is her mom my new member! And their wonderful family (they love me and feed me everytime I meet with them!!)

Alright so this week my companion and I decided to fast. He has been having some personal issues, and together we felt the need to fast for him and our work. Let me tell you what happened. The next day was perfect! We taught a bunch of lessons, all went perfectly, and all of the people gave us food! One of the people gave us my FAVORITE food, not knowing it was my favorite. In one of the lessons as my companion was teaching about the pre-earth life (very well) for just a moment my mind was opened and it was like I caught a glimpse of Christ and satan presenting their plans before our Father. It was powerful and as I later bore witness of the truthfulness of what my companion taught the Spirit was unbelievable! In another lesson we were struggling to teach a person with complicated needs, I quickly prayed for inspiration and opened my scriptures flipping through until I got a confirmation I needed to share something from this page. I shared the scripture and it was EXACTLY what he needed. As we were walking home we were looking for a place to buy a small cheap jacket (it snowed a couple of days ago), as we were looking we went into a store and found really nice looking REALLY cheap jackets that were perfect, and were only 7 dollars! Then finally we got invited over by the Senior Couple here for food. Talk about a perfect day!!! The power of fasting!


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