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Sunday, April 13, 2014

General Conference

Im not really sure what to write this week. It hasnt been a particularly eventful week, but for some reason it has been a powerful one anyways. We watched general conference this week, which was perfect. We worked really hard and encouraged every one of our investigators to attend, and the work paid off. We had all of our investigators with a baptismal date show up, and two of them have infants that they patiently cared for for all 6 hours of conference! It was awesome!!! They obviously wanted to be there, I hope the Spirit touched them. It seems this conference was really focused on investigators' needs (or maybe I just think that because im a missionary), but it was really great. I especially liked the part where they said we hold the happiness of generations in our hands. It really touched our investigators and touched me too. My new members daughter is now an investigator and we have been teaching her. We are trying hard to get her baptized and if she is then the whole family will have become members of this wonderful church (theres only the two of them in their family). Right there we have two generations changed and brought into this happiness.

I also have run into a few challenges this past few weeks, yesterday everything worked out and "my eyes were opened". I am preparing to be ready for anything. If I am made a trainer, or a leader am I ready? Im not aspiring to be a leader but if I am made one I want to be ready. and I also want to finally become the missionary I should be at my one year mark. Yesterday really helped me see what is it to be the missionary I want to be, and how to do it. My confidence and faith has increased and Im ready to baptize a nation of people! What I wrote last week about us needing to be put through challenges in order for us to grow and then for the Lord to be able to fulfill His role as savior, has really made a lasting impression on me and given me the sight I need in order to see past trials.

Alright a little about my investigators. We have five progressing ones. All of them come from members, and have a support line in the church. We've learned that thats the key. If there are friends, or family that can bare testimony in lessons, be with them at church and can encourage them, then its makes it so much easier and faster to baptize life-long members. We have really worked hard to give each person at least one friend to support them, and its really working. Also we've learned to focus our efforts on select, improving, investigators and not to waste our time on teaching uninterested, non progressing investigators. This has made our time more valuable, and made the progressing investigators feel more important.

Well thats all for this week

-Elder Clement

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