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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Well im sorry to report I was sick again. I had pneumonia last week, then my companion got it so we were down and out last week and this but we're trying to work hard.
This transfer my companion and I havnt been able to do a ton of work. For various reasons my companion and I just have not been able to meet with a lot of people and its been kinda discouraging for the both of us, but the other day we were talking about it and both of us have felt that we have learned more here, in this one transfer, then we have our entire missions. It has been a real learning experience for the both of us.

One example of what we learned is of patience and love. Both my companion and I were baptized when we were eight, but every other missionary in our district is a convert, some of only a year or two. We have, unfortunately, been very annoyed and discouraged at the imperfection of our district missionaries. I am district leader and the disobedience really got on my nerves. We worked really hard on Christ-like love and one night both of our eyes were opened. These missionaries are basically new members themselves. They are out here teaching of Christ and working on the best they can with what they have. I have, for my entire life, known I would serve a mission, and therefore have been able to prepare for many years, but these missionaries some of which have only been members for 2 years are now dealing with being a new member and being a missionary. Its an incredible example of faith and dedication, and my companion and I were humbled. Their disobedience doesn't come from a bad desire to do wrong, they're just learning. My impatience with their imperfection was shown in my own mistakes, and the fact that I have been a member my whole life. These inspiring missionaries are new members and they are doing the best they can, I was humbled when God allowed me to see that.
We have been able to learn lots of other things as well, and I although we havnt been able to do a whole lot of work, God has given us many many blessings, and helped us to grow.
Sorry thats all I can report this week, Im loving the mission, learning a lot and have one more year to help as many people as I can.

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