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Sunday, November 10, 2013


гэр бүлээ,
My Family,

My mission is going good. We have a baptism this week. Her name is Enkhmaa, shes in her 20's, and shes been an awesome investigator! We should baptize her this Friday if everything works out alright.

Also I wanted to tell all of you guys about a really awesome member named Otgonbayar. She was baptized as one of the first members of the church in Mongolia! She has no legs (or very small disabled legs), and has to use a wheelchair to get around. Which is really really really hard in Mongolia. Almost all the poor or middle class people rely on buses for transportation and since she is in a wheelchair she cant get on a bus. The church is far from her home and its very very very difficult for her to come, but shes determined. We have since helped her, by coming to her house every Sunday morning and picking her up but even that is difficult for her. The bus travels on rocky uneven ground and the bus sways and shakes, which is hard for someone standing up, but for her and her wheelchair its a scary roller coaster. Her wheelchair will tip up on one wheel then tip backward then tip to the left. Its really scary for her even when we are their to try and help balance her. Her dedication though is steadfast. She WILL come to church, and she WILL partake of the sacrament. 

Also here's a fun thing that comes from teaching English, and learning a new language. You notice patterns and new things about your own language. This is one thing I learned when I was teaching some students about guys' and girls' names. The majority of male names will end in a constant. The remainder will end in a silent vowel. There are very few exceptions like Lee, and Joshua. A majority of female names will end in a vowel, then a very few amount will end in a constant. Fun fact from Mr. Clement.

-Elder Clement

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