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Monday, September 30, 2013

No Real blog... just a letter to mom


Thank you, yeah the first thing on my list was how to make brownies! ( I SENT HIM A RECIPE) haha, so I'm glad you included that! Yes I got the package, THANK YOU!! It is awesome!! Ok so I'm sending some pictures. The first is of some AWESOME potato soap I made (I was really craving some, I don't know why). I got the recipe from one of the senior couples here and it was really good. The second picture is of my companion and me in our winter garb. We were dying of heat in our apartment but I wanted you guys to see what I would look like in a little while! The last picture is me kissing/smelling the brownies, and my companion being really confused because he doesn't know what 'brownies' are. 

Hey I have been thinking of a suggestion though. I was reading one of the liahonas, and it talked about how this family did FHE via skype cause their dad was always abroad. We didn't do FHE very often because we always put up a fight (and so did the family I was reading about) but they talked about the blessings they have felt after doing it for a while. They said at first it was full of fighting and complaining but that after a while everyone started to enjoy it.  I've actually been thinking about that for a couple of weeks now. 

I'm glad your going to the temple. I plan on going to every temple in the world when I get back. Maybe a different one every month or something. I heard they made a new temple video, let me know how that is. 

That's really cool about Grandma. (I felt my mom's presence in a recent sealing I went to for my nephew) I totally believe, even more after my mission, that spirits can pass beyond the veil. Just like the priesthood can only be exercised in righteous ways, I believe that if a spirit has a righteous reason for wanting to cross the veil then they are able to do so. 

Things are going good here, Ive been learning a lot the last few weeks. I havn't put all the weight back on, but I'm exercising  and stuff, so Ive slimmed I think. My students are good, I have two. One boy and one girl. They have started school now so I havn't been teaching them. We are going to wait until school slows down more. 

No new 'progressing' investigators. We have a few investigators but they aren't moving forward at all. We are really trying to focus on the members now. We had 2 investigators come to church, and 4 less actives again this week!  

No I wont be able to watch conference til a week after its over. They have to translate it into Mongolian first, then our companions can watch it in Mongolian and we can watch it in English. 

Love you!!!
-Elder Clement

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