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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baptism in Mongolia

Family and Friends, This last week has been awesome!! I'm having a BAPTISM!!!!! Its Naranbaatar, the one I've probably talked the most about! He's really excited and so am I! He has been meeting with missionaries for five months and he is finally ready! He has a HUGE desire to become a member and he cant wait! He prays every day before leaving his house, and every time we talk about something he forgot or doesn't know he looks it up on his own and finds the answer!! I'll send you a picture in the next email. Also another cool story. We were doing service with some other missionaries; Elder Robbins, Elder Williams, and Elder Tolog. When we finished we split up and went our different ways. Elder Boyd and I went to teach someone else and on our way Elder Boyd saw an old man he used to teach. Turns out 3/4 Elders we were with had taught this family. Elder Boyd and Tolog had taught the old man then Elder Robbins had taught the family and they all just happened to move into the same enclosure area!!! It was awesome, we got a bunch of old/new investigators!! At English last Tuesday the nanny our my Sponsor's house made us homemade lasagna and we played UNO. She made the lasagna completely from scratch though. She even made the noodles from dough and stuff! Funny story real quick. So as you know the government here does not like us for some reason. We are not allowed to wear our nametags outside of the church and members homes. We are also not allowed to talk to people on the street or track doors, but everyone knows who we are. We'll always hear people whisper "Jesus". They don't know exactly who we are but they know it has something to do with Jesus. We literally take His name upon us here. Anyways we were walking past this little area that is kinda touristy and we hear in English: "Oh man look, its the Mormon Mafia!!" (there were two other companionships with us then). We turned around and there was this old man just laughing his head off, its was really funny. Well I know this is kinda short but that's all I can think of, so love you all and see ya!! -Elder Clement PS Pres. Benson is doing good. All his kids seem to always be in good moods, and President Benson has reserved time for his family, like on Family Home Evening and things. They go to an English speaking ward, its kinda far away but the kids understand so its better. President Benson is awesome. He is really able to do more than previous mission presidents because he can speak the language so well. Its really great, hes an incredible man! My companion is leaving on the 22nd. He's pretty excited!

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